Monday, 25 June 2012


For any topic always there are several differing points of view. Some want to rejoice and revel in past glory. Some want to forget the past since past is past and gone and they want to think of future. However, we should not forget our past totally but use it intelligently for our better future. In my life I learnt it practically. In one part of my life I used to fast every Thursday, taking food only once in the day at lunch time. Then on one Thursday afternoon, I started feeling weakness, tiredness and headache and I had to come home for taking rest. I was normal on the next day. This incident was repeated for next 3 weeks. It made me think of the reasons. My analysis revealed that it was only happening on a particular day, in afternoon after my taking food, which I was taking without salt. I therefore concluded that food without salt was the reason. Therefore I restated taking food with salt, but taking only once in a day and I got normalized soon. Similarly there is a story of a fireman who was found at the site of fire, every time in initial 3 instances of fire. It was intriguing that one particular fireman that too off duty, happened to be at the fire site. But investigations revealed that he was found present every time, since he only was starting the fire and then shouting so that other people joined later on. Though initially he was appreciated, after the investigations he was punished and then the instances of fire normalized. Based on past data, studies are conducted in various organizations to declare accident prone roads and spots, city areas  prone for crimes, untrustworthy persons, unsatisfactory organizations, products, suppliers, shops overcharging etc.  In short, Statistics is the science used for such studies and analysis and is very useful for making our future better.

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