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Brief Profile of the author: Carley Bauer enjoys life on the eastern seaboard of the U. S. with her husband. After 30 years as a state contractor in a self employed capacity, she decided to try her hand at her first love viz.  writing. She loves being an empty nester, free to travel with her husband. Still involved with her children and grandchildren, Carley loves big family dinners. Some of her other hobbies are fashion, the occasional bite of the Big Apple where the excitement feeds her natural love of city life and home decor, which boasts a collection of Fenton Glassware. Links: Facebook:,  Twitter:, Blog:

Note: Carley Bauer and Lynette Willows have launched their first book “ No Gentleman Is He” and they are involved in writing the second book in the Sons of Liberty series, with two more books planned thereafter.

Q  Which is your first book published?

                “No Gentleman Is He” is our launch book, the first in the Sons of Liberty (SoL) series. It is set in 1775 Virginia and Boston during the onset of the American Revolution. The story, the setting and the time period are all top notch attention grabbers.


 Q  What is your general field of writing and why have you chosen it?

                Historical Romance/Fiction is the general field of writing. I have always held a certain fascination with history, the development of society through time and the rise and fall of empires. Though my interest goes far beyond that of my country, I chose the American Revolution for the series, largely because I see arrogance within the U.S., that we are too big to fail, when in fact we are only 236 years old, a mere baby in the grand scheme of things. I would like to delve into the role, Government plays in this society. Augmenting romance into history gives my characters a more personal touch as the story unfolds.


 Q  What has been the general average assessment of the reviewers and readers for your launch book?

              Amazingly all reviews so far have been 5 stars, with positive comments. For our first book, right out of the gate, I am somewhat awe-struck. Readers have identified with both main characters and commented on Cassandra’s strong-willed determination to succeed regardless of obstacles. Comments have also been received about development of Colton, who is a dark character, concerned with himself and who learns through a series of events to give back.


Q In your opinion, besides the quality of the writing, what are the other factors for the success of a book?

                    In my opinion following are the factors: attention to details, factual history or data, efforts of the writer to research real facts and/or history.


Q  What is your own general assessment of your launch book?

                    My first thought is that there is a charisma in our writing that shines through in the book. Secondly excellent care was given to editing. Both Lynette and my-self are grateful to be with a publishing house of the caliber of Tirgearr Publishing.  But writers are their own worst critics and I hope that where there is room for improvement, the same comes through in the second book of the series.


Q  Which other author’s books, do you feel, come close to your style of writing?

             This is a tricky question. I try my best to use my own voice, which I personally feel is unique. I also refrain from reading a book, even remotely close to my genre, while I am writing, since I have a terrible fear of inadvertently emulating the author’s style. 


Q  Who is your role-model?

                 Undoubtedly, my role model is John Jakes. I am a HUGE fan not only of his writing style, but also of the attention he gives  to details, his ability to bring a reader into the story line and equally important, his historical accuracy. There are many others I admire, but still as a role model, I would definitely cite Jakes.


Q When do you get the ideas and do you immediately note them down in a note book?

                  The ideas pop in my head willy-nilly, perhaps from an interest I have. For instance in “No Gentleman Is He”, Cassandra breeds horses and is a woman ahead of her time. That appeals to me.  I only wish there was a note-pad near me when these ideas pop up, Unfortunately, I rely on my memory.


Q On an average, how many months do you need to complete one book in all respects?

                    Generally five to seven months, but then editing can often exceed writing time.


Q Which aspects motivate you to write books viz. money, publicity, help to the readers, self-satisfaction, any other.

                   I would put self-satisfaction as my number one motivator, followed by earning a living at what I love, as a close second.


Q In this respect has Face Book helped you in any way? If yes, please elucidate.

                      Certainly Face Book has been of help in both, net working with other professionals and developing a fan base. As it happens we met our publisher on Face Book.


Q  What are your future plans for writing books?

                   At the moment, we are deeply involved in both promoting our book “No Gentleman Is He”, along with writing the second book (as yet un-named), in the Sons of Liberty series. Two more books are outlined in the series. I have outlined and started a Historical romance set during the Whiskey Rebellion, occurring between 1790 and 1800, in Bedford, Pennsylvania. It will take a back seat in the Sons of Liberty series, yet keep me occupied while Lynette has the manuscript for the current Sons of Liberty manuscript.


NOTE:“No Gentleman Is He” can be purchased from the following:

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Kemberlee said...

Great interview, Carley. You know we can't wait to see the next Sons of Liberty book. :-)

Carley Bauer said...

Thank you, Kem! We're thoroughly enjoying the writing process!