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                                Dr. PRAKASH C. SHARMA

BRIEF PROFILE OF THE AUTHOR:  M.Sc. (Stat.), M.A. (Econ.), Ph. D. (Econometrics), Recipient of Merit Scholarships all through school and college. Ford Foundation Fellowship for one year, US Government’s Smith-Mundt/Fulbright Scholarship for Advanced studies and research at the University of California, Berkeley (USA) for four years, Research Officer/Expert Advisor/Professor with Government of India/Nepal for two+three+four years, Taught and guided Research Scholars in the Universities of Agra, Bombay, Bhopal, California, Indore and Nepal etc. for over 42 years. Over 250 research papers to credit.

  Q  How many books of your have been published so far, and what are their subjects broadly?

              My very first book is “Arthamiti”, A text book on Econometrics, in Hindi language, consisting of about 400 pages, published by MP Hindi Granth Rachna Academy, and I consider it to be my best book so far. Another book is “An in-depth study on Impact of Technical education on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in IIT’s & Polytechnics of M.P.” consisting of 304 pages, which was published by Institution of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi. Further the following six books have been jointly written and published in India during 2001-2003, under our trio names viz. Abha, Vijai, Prakash. Abha is my daughter, youngest of my children, two sons and one daughter and Vijai is my nephew -the son of my (Late) eldest sister: (a) Manpower Planning & development (b) Voluntary Organizations & Social Welfare (c) Mathematical Statistics & Econometric Models (d) Advanced Mathematical Statistics (e) Statistical Concepts for Economic Development & Planning (f) Advanced Techniques for Economic Development & Planning. Besides the publication of these books, 25 important write ups about proposals, projects, survey, seminar, conference reports & research papers have  been brought out in respect of Narmada Valley Research Centre, India. Also a large number of articles and other scripts  have been published in English and Hindi languages, in various journals and other publications in India. This includes the following compilations: (a) Vividha-1-poems in Hindi (b) Vividha-2-prose in Hindi (c) Vividha-3-poems In English (d) Vividha-4-Assorted sample of Miscellany in English and Hindi.                


Q What were the objectives & reasons for writing these books?

           The basic objective was to help the college students. Besides teaching, writing gives opportunity for creativity. I especially loved teaching Econometrics to the students during my teaching career.


Q  For which level of persons, are your books relevant?

              Graduate and Post graduate students and Research scholars and those appearing in the All-India and State level Competitive examinations.  According to my own general assessment, these are very good books from the point of  view of their utility for the students, faculty and the readers? All the books have been well responded by research scholars and Professors. One of the reasons for their success appears to be their relevance with the prescribed syllabus, besides the quality of writing.


Q  Have you written some general and light reading books also?

              Yes, on socio-economic morals.


Q  Which aspects motivate you to write books viz. earning money, publicity, helping readers, self-satisfaction or any other?

                 Helping scholars and Professors for research, motivated me sufficiently, for entering in the writing field.


Q  How have you classified your writings?

                 I used to classify my writings in several ways. Language wise there are just two sub-divisions viz. English and Hindi. Theme wise, these sub-divisions have been modified from time to time. The largest of them had 12 sub-divisions, besides my research writings, which themselves were very broadly sub-divided into Economics, Statistics, Mathematics as also  Theoretical and Applicational models, along with Actual data collection procedures and their final Statistical-Mathematical Analyses and implications for Socio-Economic welfare, and finally their practical hurdles and limitations. These Classifications and Indices are even now not finalized. Perhaps they will never be completed, because we human beings are ourselves incomplete! So, we should see & read them, as they are and wherever they are.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q  From what age-level did you start writing?

                Mainly from the graduate level, at the age of 18 years. Ever since my childhood, I had the instinct of penning down my feelings,  on a variety of themes and subjects. I used to pen down even the unusual sleep dreams, as also some unusual incidents around me. For this I used to keep pen and paper beside me, while going to bed, because once or twice, I forgot the essential details of my dream on waking up the next morning.


Q On an average, as per your experience, how many months are needed to write and publish a book?

               According to my experience, it can be taken as approximately one to two years.


Q  Who have been your mentors in life? What has been the contribution of your family members in your writing career?

              My respected Professors and parents have been my Mentors.  Further they and other members of my family, have encouraged me socially, morally and in all other respects.

Q  You must be maintaining a reasonably big library of books for your requirements. In the  past, have you given any of your books and/or writings/reports on loan, to some readers.

                    Yes, I have been maintaining such a library. I loved the books in my library very much. I have also given on loan some books/reports/writings etc. for reading but with conditions viz. while reading, the pages should not be folded at the corners, the pages should not be underlined on any portion with pen or pencil and after reading at leisure, as per convenience, it should be returned back, along with suggestions, if any.


Q  What is your opinion about the survival of printed books in future, due to the concept of e-books?

                  In my opinion, the printed books will continue to have their own importance and future.


Q  What is your advice to the budding writers?

                  Keep on writing, in spite of struggles and set-backs, since there is adequate scope for name, fame and wealth, in the field of writing, though it may take some time.






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