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Ms. Fay Knight, aged 56 years, married with three children was living in Saratoga, California, USA in Dec 2003 when she had responded to my questions. To give an idea of the past history of her case,  at the age of 22 years, about three weeks after the birth of her first child, one fine morning when she got up, she felt extreme body pain, though the earlier night she was normal. Her case was so severe that even blinking an eyelid plunged her into intense body pain.  Check-up revealed that she was having rheumatoid arthritis. And after four months of medicinal therapy, the acute pain reduced, but she found the continuation of medicines unhelpful.  Further every medicine was known to be having side effects, likely to affect other organs of the body. In 1982 she realized enough was enough, & decided not to take any more medicines, even against the advice of her rheumatologist. She discontinued this treatment & found a controlled diet and homeopathic medicines equally good or bad. Then she had to take recourse to a wheel chair. At one point she decided to undertake a fast for 3 days & pray, for religious reasons. This was a turning point, as her symptoms disappeared. As a result of her own research on this subject, she found about True North Clinic, which modifies the diet of the patient and also does supervision during a water-fast. She undertook a fast for 3 weeks & for the first time in 26 years, she did not have pain. She participated in two more fasts along with diet modifications since she found that water fasting helped natural healing. Her diet strictly consisted of fruits and vegetables, along with brisk walking, swimming & aerobics etc. This helped her to live a normal life with better overall health. Her activities were limited due to damaged joints & wasted muscles, though she wanted to be active & also help others.

Q In which parts of the body mainly, the pain was experienced & whether it was intermittent or continuous. Did you have pain in the joints?

        The pain is in the joints. Mainly in the limbs, but I have had pain in almost every joint of my body including jaw, collar bone, ribs etc. The pain wanders from one joint to another, most often hands, elbows, knees & feet.


Q  What exactly did you eat/drink during the first 3 days of fasting? Was it limited to water or fruits or something else?

        For two days prior to fast, just raw fruits and veggies. Fast is distilled water only and at the end of the fast one restarts to feed with fresh squeezed juice for some days according to the length of the water fast.


Q What were the religious reasons for fasting?

      I am a follower of Lord Jesus Christ and decided to fast and pray because I was finding my illness overwhelming.


Q  How did you get the idea of fasting?

       It is recommended as a spiritual discipline in the Bible.


Q  Did the symptoms disappear completely? If yes, for how many days?

       Yes, the symptoms disappeared completely. On the 3 day fast, they returned as soon as I started to eat, but after longer fasting, they remained in remission for years.


Q  Please give the name of the book, its author, publisher etc. which you were reading and which stated that fasting helps arthritis.

       The book is Fasting and Eating for Health by Joel Fuhrman & published by St. Martin’s Press, New York. I will send you the web site of this Doctor from whom you can order a copy of the book which states very clearly that research indicates this approach works for rheumatoid arthritis (and many other diseases). True North Clinic also sells his books.


Q who is running the True North Clinic? Please give its address and e mail ID.

        I will send you their web link.


 Q  What were the exact modifications to the diet?

        No foods of animal origin. No tea, coffee etc. (just water to drink). No refined, packaged food. Most food raw.


Q  What are the details of water fasting?

         Rest is essential and also supervision, if it is longer than 3 days. You will be able to get more information from the True North Clinic and from Dr. Furhman.


Q  What exactly did you eat/drink during the 26 days of fasting?

        It was 21 days of fast-the rest was re-feeding time. I drank only distilled water.


Q What are the details of the next 2 fasts?

        They were the same but only each was of 14 days duration with 7 days to re-feed.


Q As per the para:”Regimen” in this column, the problem does not appear to have been resolved fully and you have to have a rigid control on your diet. How long you have to have these controls?

        The diet is for life. That is why the problem is not fully resolved I think- because I have not been 100 % disciplined with the diet and even a little straying affects me. My problem was that the disease was so far advanced- I had been suffering from the disease since I was 20. I believe if it had been caught earlier I would have been fully cured so I would not have had to be quite so rigid with the diet. As it is I still have the disease and the diet keeps it to a very low level of activity. My other problem is that I have some deformity due to long duration of the disease and my muscles are quite wasted. As I am now over 50, it is difficult to build muscle, so I am inclined to get injuries and strains as I exercise. All these problems would be overcome in a younger or less advanced case.


Q As we know “Fasting” is a technique from India. We would also like to know the above details so that its details & benefits can be known to many others.

           I am so pleased to know that this information may be of use to some people in India. I am from England originally, now living in California and I have a special affection for the people of India. I have some Indian relatives and friends and England owes much to India for inspiration and many contributions to our culture and wealth. May God bless you and grant you health in the coming years.


NOTES- (a) Brief details of this case had been published in “San Jose Mercury News” daily newspaper from California, USA, in its column “How I stay fit”, in its Nov 11, 2003 issue. It described the case of Ms. Fay Knight at that time.  Cooperation rendered by Ms. Kristina Nicholas of this Newspaper is duly acknowledged. The above details are based on the contents of the above issue of this newspaper, & the subsequent correspondence this writer had with Ms. Fay Knight & are being given with the permission of Ms. Knight & the newspaper. The blogger would like to express his grateful thanks to both, for sharing the details of this case, for the ultimate benefit of the mankind.

   (b) Subsequently contacts could not be kept with Ms. Fay Knight, as e mails sent to her e mail ID bounced back. Hence present status is not known.  Nevertheless the information available from her case may be of some benefit for some patients having such problems.










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