Monday, 12 November 2012


Any individual or group visualizes, plans, executes and manages business to its best ability,   to get success in it, as early as possible and thereafter maintain and improve it on regular basis. By just desiring more money, we can’t get money and our basic necessities in life. As per practical experience, there are problems & obstacles at every stage, which have to be overcome with some qualities, which we should have or generate in ourselves. Some of these are, being ambitious, clearly defining the goal, choosing the clear path to achieve the goal, prior knowledge of expected problems on the way, realistic assessment of the situations & also our capabilities, being prepared for the worst, managing available time well, taking calculated risks, noticing and utilizing talent, obtaining outside assistance when needed, positive thinking, determination, belief in self, dedication, hard work & sincerity etc. If things like resources, direction, guidance and effort are right, success will be achieved soon, in spite of the differences of education, financial background and cultural environment etc.  A human being gets guidance and motivation of parents, teachers, mentors and others right from beginning of his life.When we select right profession or business based on our aptitude, we can progress fast. Sometimes thinking of our career/goals in our life is done under parental pressure, without adequately considering the interests and likings of the individual person. This should not happen otherwise there may be difficulties and delay in the progress in the life of that person.

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