Tuesday, 13 November 2012


During meditation process, our nervous system remains more relaxed. Meditation causes better coordination between mind and body, increases alertness & self-confidence, reduces anxiety, dullness, response time and emotional obstacles. All these also lead to improvement in concentration, awareness, capability, knowledge, better execution of works and effective interaction and more energy for purposeful activities. Our mind working undisturbed, peacefully and with concentration and our feelings of vigour and happiness is helpful in improving the speed and quality of completion of our work. We need creativity for increasing productivity. For this purpose, it will be helpful if a person is free from tension. Through this process of meditation we can return fast from the condition of tension to normal condition. . With a person free of tension, a proper atmosphere for creativity, quality and productivity is created. We can then rightly expect that the person will be duly motivated to achieve many beneficial things. It may be difficult for one to visualize, as to how meditation can lead to improvement of productivity, quality, reduction of accidents, self-analysis and there from realization of our own mistakes. But it is advisable to give it a try in the first instance. 
Note:In this connection, reviews of two books are relevant    (a) Meditation (A way to take charge of your life) by Arun Yogi Parekh, which can be accessed at www.shvoong.com/books/493475-meditation-charge-life/   (b)   Self Awareness through Meditation by Ranjit Singh Kumawat, which can be accessed at    www.shvoong.com/books/guidance-self-improvement/1693849-self-awareness-meditation-comparative-study/

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There is a relevant article in Times of India dt. Apr 05, 2013, entitled " The fine art of Meditation" by Krisha Kops. This is for the information of the surfers.