Tuesday, 3 July 2012


By looking at the history, we will observe that in various fields, there have been major achievements. If one were to compile a list of such achievements it will go into many pages. This has been possible due to possible unlimited powers of the human mind, positive attitudes of the various persons and hard work put in by the teams of dedicated persons in single minded and fearless pursuit of objectives. But there is still a lot to be achieved. From the time Newton had said that his knowledge is like a sand particle near a sea beach, while there is ocean of knowledge, things have only slightly changed. We still require human endeavour for making progress fearlessly. We can try to achieve now, those things which we could not do, did not think about or did not imagine earlier, by individual and collective application of our minds to the works. We should start with a positive note that we will be able to do the works soon. We need not worry about failures, since a failure is the first step to success and there may be several steps to success. If we do not worry for failures and have positive attitudes, chances of successes are plenty. To get new achievements, we should look at the things from a different perspective. 

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