Tuesday, 3 July 2012


My job was at places far away from my home town and several times when I visited my home town, I found that some or the other important item used to be forgotten. Then I thought of making a master-list of items to be always taken along. Thus I prepared a master-list of not only the items to be taken but also list of works to be completed before going on leave, list of works to be done at home town and list of items to be brought from the home town. I found these lists to be very useful, since the problems faced earlier reduced considerably. Similarly, I made lists for my visits to outstations on official duties. Of course, looking at the points and making cross checks helped a lot. Similarly “to-do” lists were made, one day before, for planning and completing works in the office.  I also made lists of purchases and works to be done during visits to the markets and other offices for personal works. This also included making of a sequence of doing the things, as per the travel plan. These proved to be very useful, in accomplishing the works, with minimum possible efforts and reduced time. I also advised my family members to follow these practices, who appreciated the utility of such lists. Extending this principle to other areas, I made lists of important points to be discussed, information to be given and information to be obtained before participating in official meetings and conferences and also before making important official and personal telephone calls.

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