Tuesday, 31 July 2012


If our eye sight is affected due to heredity or some other causes, we should put on glasses after proper checking by an eye-specialist. It is an important & crucial requirement. Besides aiding in viewing, spectacles also protect our eyes from dust, dirt, fumes and sometimes even from injury. But if something happens to our glasses we are in deep trouble. My experience is that it may happen due to our carelessness or in spite of taking proper care. Some years back I had to attend a very important meeting in New Delhi. I was getting ready and trying to clean the glasses when suddenly one of the glasses came out of the frame on its own, fell on the ground and broke into pieces. I was shocked. There was no time for fresh testing of eyesight and/or getting new glasses fixed. I attended the meeting in as is condition, with lower level participation. If I had to make a presentation, things would have been very difficult indeed. On another occasion, all of a sudden my frame broke from the bridge portion but the glasses were intact, so I could get a new frame quickly. My wife had misplaced her frame more than once in the past and each time it took us some time and running about, to locate it at some unexpected place. One day we had guests for dinner. She had removed her spectacles, kept it on the sofa set for a while and soon forgot about it. In the meantime one of the guests tried to sit on the sofa set and the frame got deformed due to his pressure. It could not be repaired and I had to provide a new set. But there was considerable problem in the intervening period. Equally important is to clean the glasses with water and wipe them dry with a clean cloth piece, daily and carefully. Also we must put spectacles on and also off, carefully using both hands and then keep on a level surface, where they may remain safe. In case of any discomfort with the frame, we should take advice of our optician quickly, besides consulting the eye specialist in case of any eye discomfort.   Especially when our eyesight is poor, it is very difficult to work without the glasses, even for a small period. Therefore we must always take proper care of our eye sight and spectacles.

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