Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Prevention is known to be better than cure. Our health depends on many factors. Therefore we must have adequate knowledge of the items which affect us adversely or favourably. We must also know about opposite effects of the food items and take care of them. Then we must make use of all this information in our own interests, so as to prevent our health from getting affected adversely. Most of the effects on our body are due to the food intake. We should see that the vegetables are free from pesticides, the food is prepared and served in hygienic utensils and conditions and the food prepared is freshly taken.  Above all water should be clean and free from adverse contents. Non-veg items should be avoided.  Also excess of everything is bad and the things should be consumed in limits especially salt and sugar. We must have adequate sleep, rest, relaxation, entertainment, exercise, meditation, yoga, walking amidst greenery and prayer etc. Periodical fasting and medical testing are also essential.  When required essential medicines should be taken regularly, taking care to avoid overdoses. Above all we should avoid stresses in life and take life as it comes. Experience says that a stitch in time saves nine and improves quality of our life.

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